Seyan Bhailu Lyrics Neelkamal Singh सेयान भइलू

In the vibrant world of Bhojpuri music, there emerges an artist whose melodious tunes and heartfelt lyrics have captured the hearts of millions. Neelkamal Singh, along with the talented Anupama Yadav, presents an enchanting composition titled “Seyan Bhailu Lyrics.” This article takes you on a musical journey through the song, delving into its lyrics, singers, and the creative minds behind it.

Seyan Bhailu Lyrics In Hindi

पार्लर में जाई ले ब्यूटी बढ़ाई ले 
लईकन से खर्चा हम करवाई ले 
कैश चली की कार्ड ? 
कुल व्यवस्था बा हो ! 
पार्लर में जाई ले ब्यूटी बढ़ाई ले 
लईकन से खर्चा हम करवाई ले 
ऐ ! बॉबी बनारस के पान भईलू 
बॉबी बनारस के पान भईलू 
कतना लईकन के जान भईलू 
गोरी लागता की अबगे सेयान भईलू 
तs ! गोरी लागता की अबगे सेयान भईलू 

दिलवा के कईलू बाड़ू चोरी हमार तू तs गोरी 
टुकुर टुकुर ताकी तोहरे ओरी 
बुझाईल ? 
लेकमी के लिपस्टिक लगाई ले 
लोटस के फेसियल कराई ले 
एहि से अँजोरिया के चाँद के भईलू 
एहि से अँजोरिया के चाँद के भईलू 
कतना लईकन के जान भईलू 
गोरी लागता की अबगे सेयान भईलू 
हां ! गोरी लागता की अबगे सेयान भईलू 

पेन्हले ब्रांड बाड़ू गुची करेलु बात ऊँची 
बवाल बा डिमांड तहार बुची 
अच्छा ! 
निक्की निहाल के कहल हो 
करतारs नीलकमल हो 
एह जोहरी ला हीरा के खान भईलू 
एह जोहरी ला हीरा के खान भईलू 
कतना लईकन के जान भईलू 
गोरी लागता की अबगे सेयान भईलू 
हो ! गोरी लागता की अबगे सेयान भईलू 
देखिहs पगला मत जईहs ! 


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The Song: Seyan Bhailu Lyrics सेयान भइलू

“Seyan Bhailu” is a Bhojpuri gem that has taken the music scene by storm. With its soul-stirring melody and emotionally charged lyrics, this song has become an instant favorite among music enthusiasts. Let’s explore the various aspects that make this song a true musical masterpiece.

Lyrics by Nikki Nihal

The heart and soul of any song lie in its lyrics, and “Seyan Bhailu” is no exception. The lyrics of this song are penned by the talented Nikki Nihal. These words paint a vivid picture of love, longing, and emotions, making it a lyrical masterpiece that resonates with listeners.

Sung by Neelkamal Singh & Anupama Yadav

Neelkamal Singh, known for his soulful voice, joins hands with Anupama Yadav to deliver a mesmerizing performance. Their harmonious voices complement each other, creating an enchanting musical experience. Their rendition of “Seyan Bhailu” is nothing short of magical.

Music Director: Priyanshu Singh

Behind every melodious tune is a skilled music director, and Priyanshu Singh takes the credit for the captivating music in “Seyan Bhailu.” The music adds depth to the lyrics, making the song a true musical masterpiece.

Video Credits

The visual representation of a song is just as important as the music and lyrics. “Seyan Bhailu” offers a mesmerizing music video that enhances the overall experience. Let’s take a look at the talented individuals responsible for bringing the song to life.

Featuring: Neelkamal Singh & Queen Shalinee

The music video features the charismatic Neelkamal Singh alongside Queen Shalinee. Their on-screen chemistry and performances breathe life into the song, making it an audio-visual treat for the audience.

Video Director: Bibhanshu Tiwari

The creative vision of a music video comes to life under the direction of Bibhanshu Tiwari. His storytelling and visualization skills are evident in every frame of “Seyan Bhailu.”

Choreographer: Raunak Raut

The foot-tapping dance sequences in the video are choreographed by the talented Raunak Raut. The dance adds an energetic and dynamic element to the song.

Editor: R. Ninja

A music video’s seamless flow is ensured by the editing, and R. Ninja’s expertise in this department is evident in “Seyan Bhailu.” The video transitions effortlessly from one scene to another, keeping the audience engaged.

DI: Rohit Singh

The Digital Intermediate (DI) in the video was handled by Rohit Singh, adding the right color grading and visual effects to enhance the overall appeal.

Dop – Vazeer Art

The Director of Photography (DOP), Vazeer Art, captures the beauty of the scenes and the emotions of the artists, ensuring that the video remains visually captivating.

Ast Dop – Rahul Sharma

Rahul Sharma assists Vazeer Art as the Assistant Director of Photography, contributing to the video’s stunning visuals.


“Seyan Bhailu lyrics” is a musical masterpiece that combines soulful lyrics, melodious voices, and captivating visuals. This song is a testament to the talent and creativity of everyone involved, from the lyricist and singers to the video production team. Neelkamal Singh and Anupama Yadav’s heartfelt rendition of Nikki Nihal’s lyrics, coupled with the visually stunning music video, make “Seyan Bhailu” a must-listen for all music enthusiasts.

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