Mah Ke Dekha Dem Lyrics Pawan Singh मह के देखा देम

The world of music is a treasure trove of emotions and stories that resonate with the hearts of millions. One such gem is the song “Mah Ke Dekha Dem,” a lyrical masterpiece that has captivated audiences across the Bhojpuri music scene. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the intricacies of this song, exploring the talents behind it and the reasons for its immense popularity.

“Mah Ke Dekha Dem” Lyrics in Hindi

ऐ हो करेजी ! ऐ हो करेजी !

ऐ हो करेजी जनि लेजी खानी डांस करs

लs हई दाम बाकी काम एडवांस करs

ऐ हो करेजी जनि लेजी खानी डांस करs

लs हई दाम बाकी काम एडवांस करs

भरल जवानी में तनी सा दरद सह के तs देखs

हम मह के देखा देब तू कह के तs देखs

हम मह के देखा देब तू कह के तs देखs

हम मह के देखा देब

ऐ हो करेजी !


दुखवा बतईहs जनि गोड़वे में

माजा भोरवे में मिली हो

हां आ आ ..!

सटबू जे लहे लहे कोरवे में

नोट बोरवे में मिली हो

ऐ हो करेजी !

गिनत जईहs !

हमार कमर सरकार हो लचीला होई

ओने जेब होई ढीला एने लीला होई

सुनs !

गउवा में हमरा तू दू चार घंटा ले रह के तs देखs

हम मह के देखा देब तू कह के तs देखs

हम मह के देखा देब तू कह के तs देखs

हम मह के देखा देब

ऐ हो करेजी ! ऐ हो करेजी !

मारs हिलकोरा जनि राखs ऐ धन

ई बदन कड़े कड़े हो

ऐ हो !

जवन तू कहबु तवन लिख दिहे

पवन खड़े खड़े हो

अब तहरा के माजा भरपूर देहब

हम चउकी छउकीये के तुर देहब

पानी जवानी के गईल बढ़ियाई

तू उदह के तs देखs

हम मह के देखा देब तू कह के तs देखs

हम मह के देखा देब तू कह के तs देखs

हम मह के देखा देब

“Mah Ke Dekha Dem” Full Video


An Insight into the Song “Mah Ke Dekha Dem”

“Mah Ke Dekha Dem” is a soul-stirring Bhojpuri song that has gained enormous popularity among music enthusiasts. The song is a delightful blend of melodious tunes and meaningful lyrics, making it a must-listen for those who appreciate fine music.

Album Mah Ke Dekha Dem
Song Mah Ke Dekha Dem
Singer Power Star Pawan Singh, Shilpi Raj
Lyrics Vijay Chauhan
Music Vicky Vox
Label Speed Records Bhojpuri

Pawan Singh – The Power Star

At the forefront of this musical creation is none other than Power Star Pawan Singh, a renowned figure in the Bhojpuri music industry. Pawan Singh’s mesmerizing voice and powerful presence add a unique charm to “Mah Ke Dekha Dem.”

The Talented Shilpi Raj

Joining Pawan Singh in this musical journey is the talented Shilpi Raj. Her soulful rendition and chemistry with Pawan Singh in the song have made “Mah Ke Dekha Dem” a heartwarming experience for listeners.

The Creative Mind Behind the Lyrics – Vijay Chauhan

Every great song has a poet’s touch, and “Mah Ke Dekha Dem” is no exception. Vijay Chauhan, the lyricist, has woven words that evoke a range of emotions. His lyrical brilliance adds depth and meaning to the song.

Vicky Vox: The Musical Maestro

Behind every great song, there is a musical genius, and in the case of “Mah Ke Dekha Dem,” it’s Vicky Vox. The music composer’s ability to create tunes that resonate with the lyrics is a testament to his mastery.

Behind the Camera – Ravi Pandit

The visual element of “Mah Ke Dekha Dem” is skillfully captured by Ravi Pandit, the video director. His creative vision brings the song to life, making it a treat for both the eyes and ears.

The Choreographer Extraordinaire – Vishal Gupta

Adding to the visual appeal of the song is the choreography by Vishal Gupta. His dance moves perfectly complement the music, making “Mah Ke Dekha Dem” a visual delight.

The Label – Speed Records Bhojpuri

The platform that has given “Mah Ke Dekha Dem” the exposure it deserves is none other than Speed Records Bhojpuri. Their support and dedication have played a significant role in the song’s success.

Song Synopsis

“Mah Ke Dekha Dem” is a song that narrates a beautiful love story through its lyrics and music. Pawan Singh and Shilpi Raj’s mesmerizing voices create a magical ambiance, making the listeners feel the depth of the emotions expressed in the song.

Why “Mah Ke Dekha Dem” is a Hit

The song’s success can be attributed to its captivating blend of soulful lyrics, enchanting music, and the exceptional talent of those involved. “Mah Ke Dekha Dem” is not just a song; it’s an experience that leaves a lasting impact.

The Lyrical Brilliance of Vijay Chauhan

Vijay Chauhan’s lyrical skills shine in this song, portraying emotions that resonate with the listeners. The depth of his words adds a layer of meaning that makes “Mah Ke Dekha Dem” stand out.

The Magic of Vicky Vox’s Music

Vicky Vox’s music composition elevates the song, creating an atmosphere that complements the lyrics. His ability to make the music speak enhances the overall experience.

The Visual Delight by Ravi Pandit

Ravi Pandit’s direction in the music video is visually appealing and perfectly complements the song’s narrative. His creative vision adds a unique dimension to the song.

The Dance Moves by Vishal Gupta

Vishal Gupta’s choreography adds energy and dynamism to “Mah Ke Dekha Dem.” His dance moves synchronize perfectly with the music, making it a visual treat.


“Mah Ke Dekha Dem” is not just a song; it’s a masterpiece that combines the talents of Pawan Singh, Shilpi Raj, Vijay Chauhan, Vicky Vox, Ravi Pandit, and Vishal Gupta. Their collective efforts have created a musical experience that resonates with the heart and soul.


  1. What language is “Mah Ke Dekha Dem” sung in?
    • “Mah Ke Dekha Dem” is sung in Bhojpuri.
  2. Is “Mah Ke Dekha Dem” available on popular streaming platforms?
    • Yes, you can find “Mah Ke Dekha Dem” on major music streaming platforms.
  3. How did the collaboration between Pawan Singh and Shilpi Raj come about?
    • The collaboration was a result of their mutual appreciation for each other’s talent.
  4. Who wrote the lyrics for “Mah Ke Dekha Dem”?
    • The lyrics were penned by Vijay Chauhan.
  5. What makes “Mah Ke Dekha Dem” stand out among other songs in the Bhojpuri music scene?
    • The song’s unique blend of music, lyrics, and exceptional talent in its creation is what sets it apart.

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