मईया रुसल बाड़ी – Maiya Rusal Badi Pawan Singh Lyrics

In the world of music, one name that resonates with the heart and soul of Bhojpuri music lovers is Pawan Singh. The melodious tunes, heartfelt lyrics, and soul-stirring vocals of Pawan Singh have left an indelible mark on the hearts of his fans. In this article, we dive deep into the enchanting world of Pawan Singh’s music, with a special focus on the lyrics of his song “Maiya Rusal Badi.”

An Overview of “Maiya Rusal Badi”

Album मईया रुसल बाड़ी
Song Maiya Rusal Badi
Singer Pawan Singh
Lyrics Arun Bihari
Music Director Chhotu Rawat
Released On Shristy Music Bhakti Sagar

1. The Song

“Maiya Rusal Badi” is a musical gem in the Bhojpuri music industry. It is not just a song but an emotional journey that connects the listeners to their roots. The song’s title alone carries a wave of emotions, hinting at a story waiting to be unraveled.

2. The Singer

Pawan Singh, often referred to as the “Bhojpuri Singing Sensation,” is the powerhouse behind this soulful song. His unmatched voice and deep emotional rendition make “Maiya Rusal Badi” a heartwarming experience.

3. The Lyrics

The lyrics of this song are penned by the talented Arun Bihari. These lyrics are not just words but a reflection of the cultural richness and traditional values of the region. They bring out the essence of the Bhojpuri culture, celebrating the love for the divine mother.

“Maiya Rusal Badi” Lyrics in Hindi

मईया खतिर गहन गढवले रही
हिर मोति वोहमे मढवले रहिs …2

पेन्हाईब अपने हाथे सातो बहिन ऐके साथे जुटल बाडीs

कईसे तु नथिया ग़ढले रे सोनारा
टुटल त मईयाs मोरी रुसल बाडीs …2

हसेली ना बोलेली नाहिs मुह खोलेलीs
तले पुछ देले भैरो भईयाs
बहिनी बाताव तु कवन चिज चाही
लाके देहब येहि ठईयाs….2

केहु नईखे पुछत डरेs आईल बाडी सेवखा घरे ग़ुसल बाडीs

कईसे तु नथिया ग़ढले रे सोनारा
टुटल त मईयाs मोरी रुसल बाडीs …2

माफ करि ऐ मईयाs भुल चुक हमरो
हम हई रउवे सेवकवाs
अरुन बिहारी पवन जोडे दुनु हाथवाs
छोटु वो झुकावे अपन माथवाs

रितिक पुतुल दीपक जोडे दुनु हाथवाs
अमित वो झुकावे अपन माथवाs

फुलेs ना सामाऐ लगली मईया मुसकाऐs लगली कुसल बाडीs

कईसे तु नथियाs ग़ढले रे सोनारा
टुटल त मईयाs मोरी रुसल बाडीs …2

4. The Music Director

Chhotu Rawat’s music direction adds a magical touch to the song. The harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary tunes creates an irresistible melody that resonates with the audience.

5. The Makers

Behind the scenes, “Maiya Rusal Badi” is brought to life by a team of talented individuals. The video is directed by Rishi Raj and Vinit Jha, features mesmerizing choreography by Monu Shrivastava and Pankaj Kt. The song’s vision and creativity are a testament to the hard work and dedication of this team.

6. The Visuals

The Director of Photography, Rishi Raj, and Manish, along with the editing and colorist work by Shubham Thakur and Rohit Singh, have ensured that the song is not just a treat for the ears but a visual delight as well.

7. Publicity and Design

The publicity design by Lucky Art adds an aesthetic touch to the song’s promotion, while producer N Sharma and special thanks to Raju Yadav contribute to the song’s overall success.

8. Production

The song is produced under the banner of Shristy Music, a production house dedicated to bringing quality music to Bhojpuri music lovers.

The Musical Journey

Pawan Singh’s “Maiya Rusal Badi” is not just a song but a musical journey that takes the listeners on a voyage through the heartland of Bhojpuri culture. The soulful lyrics, accompanied by enchanting music, bring out the emotions of love, devotion, and nostalgia.


In the world of Bhojpuri music, Pawan Singh’s “Maiya Rusal Badi” stands as a testament to the rich cultural heritage of the region. The song encapsulates the spirit of devotion and love, making it a timeless classic for music enthusiasts.


1. Who is the singer of “Maiya Rusal Badi”?

Pawan Singh is the talented singer behind the song “Maiya Rusal Badi.”

2. Who wrote the lyrics for this song?

The lyrics of “Maiya Rusal Badi” are penned by Arun Bihari.

3. What makes “Maiya Rusal Badi” special?

The song is a harmonious blend of soulful lyrics, mesmerizing music, and Pawan Singh’s enchanting vocals, making it a unique musical experience.

4. Who directed the music video for this song?

The music video for “Maiya Rusal Badi” is directed by Rishi Raj and Vinit Jha.

5. Which production house is behind this musical masterpiece?

Shristy Music is the production company responsible for bringing “Maiya Rusal Badi” to the audience.

Enjoy the magic of “Maiya Rusal Badi” and let it transport you to the heart of Bhojpuri culture and music.

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