Sajal Darbar Pawan Singh lyrics सजल दरबार

If music is the food of the soul, then ‘Album: Sajal Darbar,’ featuring the soulful ‘Song: Sajal Darbar’ by the melodious duo Pawan Singh and Shivani Singh, is indeed a feast for the ears. In this musical journey, we delve into the world of enchanting melodies, and heartfelt lyrics by Ashutosh Tiwari, the creative genius of Music Director Priyanshu Singh, and the brilliant direction of Ravi Pandit. Let’s embark on this lyrical voyage and explore the magic that is ‘Sajal Darbar.’

Sajal Darbar Pawan Singh lyrics (Hindi)

जात बानी आरती उतारे

आ देवी मईया अईली दुवारे
जय मईया जय जय मईया
जय मईया जय जय मईया
हम जात बानी आरती उतारे
आ देवी मईया अईली दुवारे

गजबे नजारा लागे सेवा में जग सारा लागे
आ चुनरी में सुनरी के रूप बड़ी प्यारा लागे
मईया के सजल दरबार बड़ी प्यारा लागे
प्यारा लागे

घीव रुईया के दिया बारी के
आ फूल से सजाव महातारी के

की मईया जी के चमकेला टिका
सूरज भी लागेले फीका

एतने ना आगे सुनs

चंदा ना तारा लागे पर्वत पहाड़ा लागे
चुनरी में सुनरी के रूप बड़ी प्यारा लागे

मईया के सजल दरबार बड़ी प्यारा लागे
प्यारा लागे

अँचरे से पोछ देली आशु के
आ रोवे ना देली पवन प्रियांशु के

बेटा के माई राखेली कोरा
रहेला जिनगी में अंजोरा

कवनो तकलीफ ना होला

पटना से आरा लागे जोर से जयकारा लागे
आ चुनरी में सुनरी के रूप बड़ी प्यारा लागे
मईया के सजल दरबार बड़ी प्यारा लागे
प्यारा लागे

Meet the Artists

The magic of ‘Sajal Darbar’ begins with the charismatic duo of Pawan Singh and Shivani Singh. Pawan Singh, a renowned Bhojpuri singer, and Shivani Singh, a gifted artist, have come together to create a musical masterpiece that resonates with the audience. Their chemistry and talent shine through in every note of ‘Sajal Darbar.’

Lyrics that Touch the Heart

Ashutosh Tiwari, the wordsmith behind the lyrics, deserves special mention. His poetic prowess weaves emotions and storytelling into each line. With lyrics that tug at the heartstrings, ‘Sajal Darbar’ becomes a lyrical gem that stays with you long after the music fades.

Soothing Melodies by Priyanshu Singh

Priyanshu Singh, the music director, has crafted a melodic wonder. Each composition is like a brushstroke on a musical canvas, creating a harmonious blend of tunes that captivate the listener. The music of ‘Sajal Darbar’ is not just a melody; it’s an experience.

The Art of Direction: Ravi Pandit

Ravi Pandit, the director of this musical extravaganza, has skillfully brought the essence of the song to life through visuals. His creative vision and storytelling add depth to ‘Sajal Darbar,’ making it an audio-visual treat.

The Enigmatic Himanshi Singh

Himanshi Singh, the featured artist in this album, adds a touch of enigma to ‘Sajal Darbar.’ Her presence in the music video complements the song’s narrative, adding an extra layer of intrigue.

Deepak Singh’s Creative Vision

Deepak Singh, responsible for the conceptualization of ‘Sajal Darbar,’ deserves applause for his creative vision. His imagination has given birth to a musical story that resonates with the audience.

A Supportive Ensemble: Vicky Singh & Amit Singh

Behind every successful project is a team of dedicated individuals. Vicky Singh and Amit Singh have played pivotal roles in making ‘Sajal Darbar’ a reality. Their support and contributions have made this album a success.

Gratitude to Buchi Singh

Buchi Singh, a name to remember in the world of music, has been an instrumental part of ‘Sajal Darbar.’ His dedication and vision are indispensable to the album’s success.

Visual Delights: Sawan Gfx

The magic of ‘Sajal Darbar’ isn’t limited to music; it extends to visual storytelling as well. Sawan Gfx, the genius behind the album’s publicity design, has added a visual layer that enhances the overall experience.

Behind the Scenes with Rohit Singh

Rohit Singh, the man behind the scenes, has worked tirelessly to bring the visual elements of ‘Sajal Darbar’ to life. His work in the DI (Digital Intermediate) process ensures that the video is a visual treat.

The Man Behind It All: D Singh

At the helm of this musical journey is D Singh, the producer. His dedication and passion for music have been the driving force behind ‘Sajal Darbar.’ This album is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the art.

DRS Music: The Label

‘DRS Music,’ the label and company behind this project, deserves a mention. Their support and commitment to promoting talented artists and meaningful music are evident in ‘Sajal Darbar.’

Conclusion: A Musical Masterpiece

‘Sajal Darbar’ is not just an album; it’s a musical masterpiece that touches the soul. With a talented cast, poetic lyrics, mesmerizing music, and brilliant direction, this project is a testament to the power of collaboration in the world of music.

Now, let’s dive into some frequently asked questions to shed more light on ‘Sajal Darbar.’

FAQs – Your Queries Answered

  1. What is the story behind ‘Sajal Darbar’?
    • ‘Sajal Darbar’ is a musical journey that weaves together love, emotions, and the beauty of life. It’s a story of love and devotion that unfolds through captivating visuals and melodious tunes.
  2. Who is Pawan Singh, and what is his contribution to the album?
    • Pawan Singh is a celebrated Bhojpuri singer, and he is one of the voices behind the enchanting ‘Sajal Darbar.’ His soulful rendition adds depth and emotion to the song.
  3. How do the lyrics of ‘Sajal Darbar’ resonate with the audience?
    • The lyrics, penned by Ashutosh Tiwari, are deeply emotional and relatable. They speak of love and devotion, striking a chord with listeners who value meaningful storytelling in music.
  4. What sets ‘Sajal Darbar’ apart from other music albums?
    • What makes ‘Sajal Darbar’ unique is the perfect amalgamation of soulful singing, heartfelt lyrics, and captivating visuals. It’s a complete audio-visual experience.
  5. Why should I listen to ‘Sajal Darbar’?
    • If you appreciate music that touches the heart and tells a compelling story, ‘Sajal Darbar’ is a must-listen. It’s a musical journey that will leave you enchanted.

In conclusion, ‘Sajal Darbar’ is a musical gem that brings together the talents of Pawan Singh, Shivani Singh, Ashutosh Tiwari, Priyanshu Singh, Ravi Pandit, Himanshi Singh, Deepak Singh, Vicky Singh, Amit Singh, Buchi Singh, Sawan Gfx, Rohit Singh, D Singh, and DRS Music. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration in creating enchanting music that resonates with the soul. So, don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the captivating world of ‘Sajal Darbar.’

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